Video Game Review: Stacked with Daniel Negreanu

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This is one of the craziest poker games that I have ever played! In Stacked with Daniel Negreanu you can put your poker skills to the test playing in a couple of different casinos that have multiple competitions.

The game offers a challenging poker playing experience even for the most hardened experienced poker players. I have been playing poker, specifically Texas Hold’em, for many years now and I thought that this game was going to be a fun and interesting and possibly a little easy for me like so many other poker games that I’ve played… sadly I was mistaken! The game’s difficulty is hard even for someone who knows how to play the game and has competed in many online tournaments as well as played in the casinos.

In Stacked you get to play against some of the world’s best poker players including Evelyn Eng and eventually you will even get to play against “Kid Poker” himself Daniel Negreanu. When you begin the game you get to create your own character and the one I created really had a striking resemblance to me which was kind of weird, but a nice feature of the game.

When you first start the game after creating your character you will have limited choices in what types of games you play and where you can play them. The first thing you’ll notice is that there is only one casino open to you at this time, this is because you have to unlock the other two casinos which furthers the main story of the game (if there is one) which seems to be to beat ever single tournament in the game so that you can play against Daniel Negreanu.

There are low and high stake games available in this game, as well as tournaments which are single and multi table for varying amounts of money and some offer the ability to unlock another game which in turn unlocks another game so that you can play and possibly beat every tournament in the game. This is a daunting task since the game’s A.I. system is very intuitive and I felt like I was being bluffed out a lot by the computer.

The game has its quirks, the characters all talk if you enable the table talk in the game. If you sit and wait for a long time to make a call then they will all start taunting you until you call or fold. Which some of the table talk is funny, but for the most part it is repetitive and most of the characters look alike just with a baseball hat on or a different skin color but you can tell that they are basically the same player models. There is a glitch in the game as well, at least in my copy, to where if you hit CRTL+F4 on your keyboard before the you stand up and walk away after you have lost a hand, they game will of course close immediately and when you reload the game you’ll have all the money you invested in a certain tournament so that you won’t have to spend hours building up your bankroll just to see it swiftly diminish after losing a couple of big tournaments.

Overall this game is awesome to play; sure it may have its little quirks, but what game doesn’t. I would recommend that anyone with a computer and a love for Texas Hold’em to go out and at least give this game a try you will not be disappointed because just like dominoqq, these games are the best!