Using Arrogance to Confuse Your Opponents at the Poker Table


The felt is no place to display arrogance and cockiness for several reasons, but you can use it as an act to throw off your opponents. Arrogant players are committing a cardinal sin when they arrive at a slot online terbaru. They truly believe that they are better than everybody else at the table. There’s a major flaw with this attitude. No matter how good you are, the cards determine your destiny. Arrogant players will bluff recklessly and may stay in hands when they know they are beaten because they barely have any control over their ego.

In the long run, skilled players will net higher profits than bad players. However, the poker gods do not discriminate between great players and bad players (it certainly seems to a skilled player that donks are rewarded for terrible mistakes.) The poker gods have a way of stinging you so hard with beat after beat that you should tread through the waters cautiously.

When the cards aren’t going your way, it can crush your confidence. Sometimes hands play out that seem to defy the odds. You could have your opponent beat on the flop but they may make a donk move and catch their card on the river.

Why be arrogant when there is so much randomness in poker?

Losing with Trip Aces Two Hands in a Row

At a 1-1 NL table, I lost with trip aces twice in a row. Yes, you read that right. Are your eyeballs unglued yet? My opponent moved all-in with pocket kings. The flop came A-J-10. I had trip aces and was feeling good. The turn was blank with the 2 of clubs. The river was a queen giving my opponent Broadway and leaving me stung with trip aces. The next hand was even worse. Everyone folded to me when I was on the button. I raised to $6 with pocket aces. The small blindfolded and the big blind moved in his short stack for $35. A dream scenario when you are holding pocket aces. Well, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. He flips over Ad-2-d. The flop came As-3c-4h. The turn was the king of clubs, and my opponent hit his five on the river to make a wheel. I was steaming after this and I took a three-hour lunch to recover from this mind-boggling scenario. Was I cursed? How could I lose with such great hands? These two hands made me realize that the life of a full-time professional poker player can be filled with punishing lows.

Act Arrogant But Continue to Play Your A-Game

If you act arrogant at the table but are playing to the best of your ability and sticking primarily to a tight-aggressive style, the other players will start to sense that you will play with any two cards. When you raise, they will be more inclined to believe you are bluffing. When you three-bet them, they may think you are holding a more marginal hand. You have confused your opponents and they will be more inclined to make mistakes.

Pretend to know the game better than your opponents. Be arrogant after winning a hand. When they show you their cards, say “I knew it” as if you have some sort of psychic ability that they do not possess. Fold when you know you are beaten and fold quietly. And I would avoid saying out loud what your opponents are holding unless you are trying to get a reaction from them. If you guess what cards your opponent has and you are right, they may fear your excellent reading ability on future hands and be reluctant to risk their chips with marginal hands against you