Tiptop Blackjack Tips


There are simply too many blackjack tips out there all claiming to be the best and surefire way to win in this fast-growing and very popular card game. If you ask players who have been playing the game for years, they will tell you that the strategy that works best for them is their own. But if you surf the Net, you’ll find countless sites all preaching their version of blackjack strategy which they all claim to be the best. If you’re a newbie and do not have the luxury of time to read, analyze and learn by heart all the dizzying array of blackjack tips, would you just turn around and simply walk away and forget about learning and playing blackjack like a pro?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. Just read on and find out for yourself if the simple tiptop tips shared by some of the most experienced blackjack players will help you learn the game pronto. And, after you’ve gained enough experience you’ll realize that the best strategy for playing the more advanced levels of blackjack is one that you will have to develop yourself.

The goal of every blackjack player is crystal clear and quite simple enough – and that is to win. In blackjack, your opponent is the dealer, and to beat him, your cards or “hand” must be higher than his without going over, or “breaking” 21, otherwise you “bust” and are out of the game.

“Stand,” or don’t draw a card if your hand adds up from 12 to 16 and the value of the dealer’s exposed card is 4 to 6. The logic for this is that the dealer will most likely bust. If you drew or “hit” a card, with the hand that you’ve got, there’s a good chance that you’ll bust and lose the game even if the dealer subsequently hits and gets busted himself. So, with the kind of hand that you and the dealer have got, stand and let the dealer hit. But if you are dealt a 12 and the dealer’s exposed card is 2 to 3, it is advisable that you hit. It is also wise for you to hit if your hand is 12 to 16 and the dealer’s exposed card is 7 or higher.

Always split 8s and Aces pairs. But never split 10, or face cards such as kings, queens, and jacks, or 4s and 5s. If you are dealt with 5 pairs, treat it as a hand of 10 instead of splitting it up into two hands of 5. And, if you are dealt a pair of 10s, it’s likely a winning hand, and it’s foolhardy to split it up.

Often, you’ll have more losing than winning rounds, so there’s a lot of sense in starting by betting the table minimum and increase your bet when you win and go back to the minimum table bet when you win. This way, you’ll have a good chance of being ahead even if you lose more rounds in blackjack.


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