The Top Ten Mistakes a Poker Player Can Make

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Teaching a new player the fine points of poker is quite an arduous task. There are so many strategies to learn and so little time to do it. In the course of play, players have a tendency to commit the same mistakes over and over. These are some of the 10 common mistakes that rookies to the game are likely to make.

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Being impatient

New players tend to get bored when they wait to get a quality hand. Instead of biding their time, they rush in to play hands that are detrimental to them and will cost them a lot. When playing, you should always know that being impatient is equivalent to loss of chips if you pursue to play further with the hands you are dealt.

Bluffing a lot

If you do this, chances are seasoned players will wipe the floor with you if you keep it up. They tend to have radar to spot a bluff. So don’t give it away.

Getting “wasted” at the table

This impairs your judgement since you might not be aware of what is going on around, which is immensely important when playing poker.

Playing while they are on the tilt

When you are emotional, you won’t play well. Emotions tend to cloud reason and you might end up making a moronic blunder. To be level headed, you must bring your emotions in check. You take some time off from the table to cool your head.

Playing on very unaffordable limits

Don’t be tempted to think that if you have high limits you stand a chance of winning big. You might end up losing big also. Ensure that you play it by ear and play with money you can afford to spare.

Playing too many hands

This in turn leads to creating a short stack. A short stack implies weakness and that is something you shouldn’t show in poker. The sharks will eat you alive if you do.

Overextending themselves when they play for long hours

Don’t get caught up in the excitement that a casino brings. Extended play periods affect your performance. Ensure that you get sufficient rest after a long game. You’ll feel reinvigorated afterwards and ready to take on new challenges.


Arrogance has led many a men to their grave. Don’t let it crowd your thinking when you are playing the game. It is imperative that you pay attention to how you play the game and new tricks you should learn. Poker is a continuous learning process and you should keep your eye on the ball.

Over friendliness with other players

If you are new to the game, don’t make the mistake of being too friendly with the other players. Most of them are experienced and are more like likely to kick your behind on the table if you get cozy with them. Instead, focus on getting insight into their tricks and expertise so that you can be a good player.

Going past the marks they should aim for- playing in the big leagues when you are pitching on the little league team

Many players make the mistake of thinking that they can get more money if they try their hands at a high stakes table. This is a recipe for disaster considering that you might not be able to grapple with the pressure of a high stakes game. Stick to smaller bets and give yourself time to grow.

By avoiding the said mistakes, you are assured of getting a more wholesome playing experience.