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For those of you who like to explore the data, there is some good news about the games at Full Tilt Poker. Scout Hand Poker recently gave us the word that has reduced support to the poker room in the world second in line, something that was not available in months. You can play at the site if you want to increase the winning chances at the platform. The implementation of the correct tips is essential to have the benefits at the online site. The playing of the best game is possible with the implementation of the correct skills at the correct game. You can get an increase in the cash balance at the platform.

“I am pleased to announce that Poker Hand Scout is compatible with the latest Full Tilt update again,” which lets us know that you can head back to the site if you are in need of hands at the USA-friendly room. When the site updated its software a few months ago, hand grabbing from it became nearly impossible.

According to Poker Hand Scout’s statistics page, it has been able to mine hands since December 28th, when it brought in over 45,000 hands from the 100nl six-max games alone. Prior to that, there is no data available, but hands have come in steadily every day since. Over the last week, the data mining site has steadily averaged around 38,000 hands at the 100nl six-max level.

Poker Hand Scout captures No Limit Holder and Limit Holder hands as well as hands from Pot Limit Omaha tables. The starting stake is $0.10-$0.25 and goes all the way up to the $50-$100 nosebleed-stakes games. You can also specify whether to get heads-up, six-max, or full ring hands when making an order.

One of the unique features of Poker Hand Scout is its Poker Hand Client Version 1.01 that can download and extract hand histories for you if you sign up for daily deliveries. With two simple mouse clicks, the program will grab and unzip hand histories to your hard drive so that they can be imported by your favorite hand history tracking utility such as Holder Manager and Poker Tracker.

The Bulk Purchase is for those looking to buy a specific number of hand histories from the past. Once you make the purchase and pay for it, you will receive one download link for all of the requested hand histories.

The other method is the Retail Purchase. You can buy hand histories under this method for a period of four weeks. You’ll get the hand histories as a daily package to your e-mail inbox or you can use the aforementioned application tool. Each day that you get a hand history package, you’ll be data mining the previous day. This is the best method for keeping a database completely up to date.

Price levels Scout poker hands are very reasonably priced. Hands to 300,000, the cost of writing time are $ 18. For a million hands, the cost is $ 55 (a discount of 8% over the initial rate). If you want to buy five million hands, the cost is only $ 150, representing a 50% reduction.