Rival Casinos launch Bowled Over i-slot


A new i-slot has made its appearance in all Rival Gaming casinos and it’s got a bowling theme which is sure to appeal to a wide range of online gamers.

The game is called “Bowled Over” and it has 20 pay lines. Players are able to wager up to a maximum of 10 coins on each pay line and coin sizes range from $0.01 to $0.25.

As you would expect, the game also includes a lot of bowling imagery and a couple of special symbols that players should look out for. The “Male Bowler” represents the jackpot symbol – spinning five of these on an enabled win line will trigger the maximum payout of 3,000 coins. When playing with a maximum of 10 coins, this payout will equate to $7,500.

Free spins are represented by the “Female Bowler”. When three of these symbols are spun anywhere on the reels, the free spins feature is triggered.

Three Female Bowler symbols will award the player 10 free spins and double payouts

Four Female Bowler symbols will award the player 20 free spins and triple payouts

Five Female Bowler symbols will award the player 40 free spins at four times the standard payout

These symbols only appear on the first two reels although they do expand when winning combinations are possible. When this happens, the player will be treated to a nice looking animation of a bowling ball knocking down a rack of pins and scoring a strike.

Rival Gaming has developed a strong reputation for developing unique and entertaining slots games and Bowled Over lives up to expectations. Due to the fact that’s, it’s an i-slot (Interactive slot), the bonus rounds are very entertaining and really draw the player into a totally unique story.

In order to access this bonus round, three Bowling Ball symbols need to appear on one of the game’s win lines. Once this happens, the player is transported to the bowling alley where they’re asked to choose from a male or a female bowler.

The player is next asked how they want to spin they want to put on the ball and how hard they want it to be rolled. As with any normal bowling match, Bowled Over gives players two chances to knock down all the pins at the end of the alley. If you manage to do that with one ball, you’re awarded a strike and a higher payout and if you manage to do it with two balls then you’re awarded a spare and a slightly lower payout.

The bonus game lasts a full 10 frames and a player’s score and winnings are displayed on the screen the whole time.

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