Poker Rebuy Tournaments: What You Need to Know


Millions of people are familiar with the World Series of Poker. It is the largest and most prestigious no limit Texas Holdem tournament around. However, it is a once and done deal. Once you are knocked out of the world series of poker, you are done and you get to go home. If you are into “second-chances”, poker rebuy tournaments are for you. This poker article will explain what poker rebuy tournaments are and how they differ from the standard knockout poker tournaments that you are accustomed to following.

A poker rebuy tournament is one that allows each player to buy back in if he is knocked out. Generally, the rebuy period lasts for the first hour or so of the poker tournament. The rebuy stage is a period during a poker tournament where players are allowed to buy more chips to add to their stack. Being low on chips is not a requirement to buy back in (rebuy) and anyone can choose to buy back in during this special rebuy period if they so desire.

A huge side effect of the rebuy period in a poker tournament is the large increase in purse size that occurs as a result of all of the new money being invested via rebuys or add-ons. Solid poker players love this, especially if they are good enough to get ahead of most of the field without the need to buy back in. The extra money that is added to the purse presents an opportunity for good poker players to pad their bankrolls.

Most poker rebuy tournaments will only allow a single rebuy but some may offer multiple rebuy or add-on opportunities but they will always be limited in some fashion. You simply cannot have a tournament that allows for unlimited rebuys. That just wouldn’t make sense. 

Most would agree that if you are sitting at a Texas Holdem tournament that allows for rebuys, you should buy back in right at the start of the tournament. This arms you with additional chips to do battle with. Larger chip stacks allow for a bit more experimentation and additional risk taking. If nothing else, purchasing additional chips right at the outset of the Texas Holdem tournament basically gives you an immediate advantage over those poker players at the table that cannot or will not rebuy.

One thing to always remember is that you should never get involved in a poker tournament that allows for rebuys if do not have the ability to rebuy. Even if you do not want to rebuy, you should always be prepared to do so if necessary. Otherwise, y9ou will be at a distinct disadvantage. When the player will visit a website, then they have to Login Poker to enjoy the innovative and variety of games. It will provide opportunity to the players of access over different games.