Playing in the World Series of Poker, Texas Holdem Events


Poker Players, Gamblers, Trill Seekers and Fish, they all gather once a year in Las Vegas for the World Series Of Poker. Players come from all over the world, from all walks of life. Most have dreams of being the next big winner, the next World Champion. Most will go home sadly disappointed, They will lose their focus, their money, and their dream in a split second. Yes, there are huge amounts of money to be won, there is fame and fortune waiting in the desert of Nevada. More often than not, the opportunity is worth it, the results come up short, but the experience is special. If you have the chance, take it, you will be glad you did.

I have played in the WSOP, three times, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Each time it was in a smaller event, the buy in only being $1500, not the $10000 Main Event you see on television each year. I have learned something each time I played, valuable information. I am going to pass that information on to you, things that will save you time, money, and overall make your WSOP experience better. You see, when most players get home from going to Vegas in search of the riches waiting on them, the experience is what they treasure most. These tips will help you enjoy the experience more, or at least they make the losing easier to take.

The WSOP started in 1969, with a handful of players, Johnny Moss, came away the World Champion. In the 2010 Main Event, 7319 players paid $10000 each for a chance at the $8.9 million first place. This is serious business and you should treat it that way. If you are going to play in the WSOP, understand what it is before you get there, you will enjoy your trip more if you do. Some of the really good professional players are waiting to make their living off you. They understand your excited and they are waiting for you to get there, hoping you bring a large amount of cash. Assuming your a good poker player, these tips may help you.

  • Arrive a day or two early to Vegas, do not arrive the day you start playing an event.
  • Don’t go to party, if your really trying to win, there will be time for that after your event, win or lose.
  • Pre-Register on line. Go to the Rio the day or evening before your event to finish registration. Explore the Poker Rooms, the exhibits, and the booths. Watch a game or two, spot a pro, get an autograph, settle in. The day of the event the registration booth will be packed, waiting in line is not where you will want to be. As soon as you have paid forget the amount, you bought a ticket, that is all. Look at it like that, you will enjoy it more.
  • DO NOT STAY OUT LATE DRINKING, THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR EVENT. Have a nice dinner, and get to bed at a decent hour. You may be sitting in a chair for 12 hours the first day. Eat a good breakfast before your event starts. Take a snack with you. BE MENTALLY PREPARED TO BE THERE 12 HOURS.
  • Take some one dollar bills with you to the event. There is a wait staff, and if you don’t tip, they disappear. They are trying to make a living too. Take a couple of Advil, back aches start without warning. There are massage therapist on hand, well worth the price, indulge yourself. Go to the restroom before you take your seat. Get to your seat no more than 10 minutes before the event starts. This will keep you from being too keyed up and playing hands that are marginal in the beginning. Just because you have been there for a while, sitting and waiting, does not your hand better.
  • Be politely social, but not overly talkative. Remember, some of these people are professionals, and they are looking for any edge you will give them. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Even the women will cut and gut you, given the chance. Some of the women are the best players. This is no longer just a man’s game.

While politeness isn’t a trait associated with gamblers, it still gives you an edge that you can make some friends who might be looking for someone like you and have you engaged in Poker through

  • Don’t be afraid to leave the table for a restroom break, the dealer will watch your chips. Playing while your thinking about not going, may be a distraction. Keep your mind on the game, one hand at a time.
  • Pay attention to the table, if you can’t spot the pigeon, your probably the pigeon. Listen to the dealer, if your not sure, ask, before you act. After you act it is to late. Pay attention to the clock, the pros will.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while your playing, you will have time later.
  • Get your money in right. Push when you have a hand that can’t be beat. Win with class, lose with more. Poker is a game of traditions, respect them.

If you do these things, your experience will be better. Most first time players are so overwhelmed by the size of the rooms, the number of tables and players, they have very little chance of being successful. You will notice that it sounds like a very large flock of birds in the poker room, that will be hundreds, maybe thousands of players shuffling poker chips. It will sound like birds chirping, you will become oblivious to it once you start playing. When you are no longer playing in your event, have a drink, celebrate yourself.

Thousands and thousands of players would like to play in the WORLD SERIES OF POKER, and you will be able to say, you have. Good Luck, and don’t forget to tip your dealer.