Perks of Being a High Roller or Whale


There are many many perks to being known to a casino as a person who doesn’t mind spending lots of money on gambling. A casino usually refers to these preferred players as “high rollers” or “whales”. A high roller is a person who risks no less than ten thousand dollars over four days. A whale is a person who thinks nothing about risking over a million dollars in four days. If you are want to learn more about these Whales and why casinos are so obsessed with these “whales” then you can visit www ufabet com along with the different way through which you can improve your card skills. Each of these players come with their own set of perks, even though whales most decidedly get the most of these perks. 

1.Comped rooms and suites.

When a high roller or whale comes into town, casinos usually will bend over backward to make their stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. One of the main perks, or “comps”, that these preferred players get are free rooms or suites. Most casinos reserve a certain amount of their best rooms for their “A list clientele.” While a high roller is more likely to get just a free room, a whale will most likely get a penthouse suite or the best room that is available. These suites usually come with two bedrooms minimum, a fully stocked bar, sometimes a billiard table, and their very own butler and personal chef.

2.Free tickets to shows and events.

High rollers are likely to get these comps only if they ask for them. Although they are among the “A list”, these pricey items are typically offered to whales and their families. Many casinos and hotels, such as the Luxor and Bellagio, reserve a certain amount of their best tickets for their premium guests. It is possible to get these items if you are a high roller, but you must ask and must be in “tight” with the people who make that decision.

3.Free dinners and spa treatments.

Dinners are typically among the first things that are offered free to most anyone, especially high rollers. Every day, hundreds of dollars worth of meals are comped to high rollers and whales every day. Whether it be sushi at that Japanese place you were dying to try in the Luxor, or it is Italian food at that restaurant in the Excalibur, these are commonly given away and can be valuable if you are into fancy dining. Spa treatments are typically reserved for the more elite clients, such as any whales that the casino may be hosting that day. Entire portions of the spa in the Luxor have been known to be blocked off and reserved for a single guest’s use, simply because the person was a whale and they asked.

4.Free motorcycles and cars.

These items are reserved strictly for the casino’s whales and the most elite of the elite. If a whale is having a particularly bad day at the tables, then the casino manager or pit boss will go over and see what they can get for their “special” player to help him feel better about losing. Most often, these offerings include fancy cars, boats, and even motorcycles. It is really easy to spot who is a whale if you look close enough.

5. Get me a…. (fill in the blank.)

This service that the casino offers, is strictly reserved for the highest spending whales. Casinos who see that a particular whale has come into town will literally do almost anything to get them to stay at their hotel and gamble in their casino. These casinos are willing to do whatever it takes to make their elite happy, even if it means bending the rules a little. Need your car polished? They will have someone make your car so shiny, you would not even recognize it. Feeling particularly lonely and want a little company? The casinos will get someone to spend some time with you and make you feel better.

It is quite easy to spot who is a whale, and who isn’t. If you see members of the upper echelons of the casino paying special attention to a particular player, then most likely that player is a whale. Do they special security? Most likely a high roller or whale. Are they in a special private area strictly roped off? Guaranteed high roller or whale. Next time you are in Vegas, see if you can spot any of these elite people.