IPhone Casino Myths


Getting used to the new technology takes some time. And it also takes quite a bit of time for myths to get completely debunked. Here’s the top list of the most lasting myths about iPhone casinos.

1) iPhone casinos are lacking in graphics, speed of performance and generally the quality of the game is poor compared to the online casino.

If your mobile device is really old, chances are it will not run mobile casino software or the picture will not be as perfect as on your laptop screen. But this is only relevant for old devices. The functionality and the quality of iPhone casinos are almost unbelievable today. The screen is not that big, but the software makes the most of it and hey, you can’t take your LCD screen with you as you take iPhone.

2) Mobile casino software takes a lot of space and is slow.

Software developers have been doing their best for a few years now to make their software as small as possible. At the same time mobile devices have become capable of storing more data. These simultaneous processes resulted in perfect matching abilities of modern devices with modern casino software. So no, the iPhone casino software doesn’t take much space and works fast.

3) You can only play with play money

Not necessarily. Most casinos are interested in providing full list of services, so you can count on both free and real money options.

4) Mobile casinos have security issues.

False. If you took time to find a reputable casino, you can be sure they take all necessary precautions. So iPhone casino will be as safe as online casino, unless you lose your iPhone.

5) If you play on your iPhone you are left to your own devices

This is so not true, reputable casino operators make no difference between online and mobile customers, so you can still take advantage of their 24/7 customer service.

6) You can’t accept calls or if you do accept them, you can’t get back to where you left off.

It used to be an issue before, but not any longer with most mobile casinos and modern mobile devices. Usually, your game is saved and once you end your call you resume playing from where you left off. With some casinos if you play poker, for example, and get disconnected or timed out, your hand will be checked or folded.

7) You can deposit and withdraw your mobile casino money only via PC.

Don’t be put off playing at the iPhone casino because of this myth, because most mobile casinos today not only accept deposits from mobile phones, but even offer various payment methods.

In addition, some people would say that online poker games are not as much as fun as actually playing the game. However, with tons of positive feedback about judi pkv games and other games online, you will certainly agree that these games are fun to play as well.

It is quite surprising that these myths still exist as iPhone casinooperators are smart enough to understand that their services are popular with those players who are often on the go. This means they take care of all aspects that ensure great mobile experience for iPhone casino players in all circumstances.