How To Win At 3 Card Poker

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Three-Card Casino Poker is a combination of Poker and old-fashioned Brag. Sometimes called Tri-Card Poker, Englishman Derek Webb is credited with its invention in 1994. As a variant of poker many of the rules remain the same. It is played using one deck of cards at a table very reminiscent of a Blackjack table. There are three different types of mark in front of each player. In order going away from the player there is; “play”, then “ante” and furthest away “pair plus”.

The sequence of events is easy to follow for 3 card casino poker

After taking their seats but before being issued cards players place their bets. They can bet that their hand beats the dealer- “ante” and “play” and or bet they have at least a pair “pair plus”.

Players are then dealt their cards face down. The “pair plus” bets are totally independent of the dealer whose cards do not influence this bet. “Pair plus” payout or not starts with a pair paying 1:1 going all the way to a straight flush paying 40:1

The “ante” bet is the bet that takes on the dealer. In simple terms the player examines his cards and decides whether to continue or fold. If he continues he places a bet in the “play” box equal to his ante bet.

On making a Play bet the dealer’s hand is revealed. When the dealer has a Queen high or better the hand is said to “qualify” Below is a table showing the rank of hand compared to the dealers. As you can see Qualification by the dealer is crucial:

Result Ante bet Pays Play Bet Pays Dealer does not qualify Win Even Money Push Dealer qualifies, player’s hand wins Win Even Money Win Even Money Dealer qualifies, player’s hand ties Push Push Dealer qualifies, player’s hand loses Lose Lose

If the player has a straight or better a bonus is paid against the Ante. This payout is not dependent on whether the dealer’s hand is beaten or not. House rules vary between casinos on bonus payout but a usual situation is as follows.

Hand Bonus Payout Straight Flush 5 to 1 Three of a Kind 4 to 1 Straight 1 to 1

Nowadays you can play Three-Card Casino Poker at most on-line casinos worth their salt. It has grown at incredible pace due to the exciting nature of the play. As with all games, anyone new should make sure they understand fully the rules and that they keep their bets low until fully in tune with how the game is played. It is also worth checking that the casino you have chosen is bone fide and what if any bonuses are available to when playing Three-Card Casino Poker.

Whether it is two card or three card, casino poker is something that has to be played with the best opponent you can find so that he can match your level of proficiency as this isn’t as simple as Judi online due to complicated tricks being involved but one thing’s for sure that you can gain prominence through regular practice without losing out on the essentials of the game.