How the Sims Sparked the Flame of Gaming in My Heart


As a gamer, video games have become an important part of my leisure time. I’ve played many games from different genres such as first person shooters to RPGs and simulation games. In the beginning of my gaming life, I generally resided in the simulation realm; the game that got me really interested in gaming was a simulation game, The Sims. This game (and its successors) will always have a close and dear place in my heart; in fact, to this day, I still play The Sims.As a child, I played many video games, from Donkey Kong Country, to SimCity 2000, but I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was pretty much following my older brother’s gaming footsteps. When I got a hold of The Sims, I was excited to play it because I had seen the game in the G4TV series Portal, a machinima (videos made by video games) TV drama show. When I started playing the game, the concept of controlling someone, or a family and making them whoever I wanted to be really intrigued me. I could make world famous pop stars (with the Superstar Expansion Pack), master pickpockets or revered politicians. All of this was available in the mouse that I controlled.

After I played this game, I went on a mission to find as many Sim-like video games as I could. I found games like Space Colony, that allowed me to control the colonization and colonists of different planets of the galaxy. The Movies was another game that I found and began to play. The Sims was the gateway for me to the simulation genre. To this day, my favorite video games tend to allow me to create characters to be whoever I want them to be, such as Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series.

Following scrolls, I moved onto Jasadomino, one of the best pkv models as I am a sucker for draw a poker and Russian roulette, where I came to know of my natural ability at it despite playing it for the first time, which I guess had to do with my previous gambling experience.

Although I found a special place in simulation games, I began to play other games, in different genres. New series like Resident Evil, Halo, and Portal came into my life, and became some of my favorite games. I’m much more open about different video game genres than I was back in my “Sims” days, but I always come back to The Sims (especially the first of the series) to enjoy myself while controlling Sims.

As a gamer I’ve have enjoyed many different games from different genres, but I probably would’ve never got into this hobby if it weren’t for The Sims. The Sims sparked a flame in my heart and a love for gaming. Through exploring other games, this flame grew and exploded. I am so blessed that The Sims came into my gaming life, and that my gaming life began.