Farmville Vs Farmtown


In the world of virtual farming there are many options. The two largest farming communities, Farmville (82,686,749 active users), and Farmtown (9,610,976 active users) can both be very addictive, but there are a few differences you may want to know about before getting hooked. Anyone can do both, but if you’re like me, as fun as it may be, the thought of committing to another farmtown/farmville-like addiction causes me to avoid other tempting Facebook applications. It is quite addicting just like poker online games. Games like these are very interesting and enticing to play. You will certainly find it very fun to play and you will just find yourself playing over and over again. Everything is awesome and great.

The games do have some things in common, if you’ve never played either. In both games you start out with a plot of land where you can plow, plant and Harvest crops. You receive “money” when you harvest (FV) or sell (FT) your crops. Each crop you plant will become harvestable in a certain amount of time. If you wait too long your crops will go bad, and you will not be able to cash in. The amount of time it took for the crops to mature is the amount of time they will go bad in once they are ready. You can buy animals and decorations for your farm, and you gain experience from your actions to level up. The higher level farmer you are, the bigger farm you can have, and the more things you can buy from the store. Your Facebook friends can become your “neighbors”, and you can visit their farms, do small chores for money, and send them free gift items. Both games have limited items that can only be bought with special money called Farmcash, the majority of which is backed up by real cash through paypal or credit card. A limited amount of Farmcash may be obtained by leveling up.

Farmville has a lot of side games in addition to growing your crops and farm. For example, the “spring egg” competition is coming to a close soon. All farmers were givin a basket for eggs, which you could receive as gifts, find while tending to a neighbors farm, or buy. The eggs can be traded in for special items, and a running tally is kept if you want to compete with your friends. In Farmville, in addition to growing crops and trees, you can harvest animals regularly. You can also build coops and stables to harvest many in one shot. Many actions in Farmville will show up in your Facebook profile should you choose to publish them. The downside is, it can really fill up your profile, the upside is, your friends can get bonuses from clicking on the links.


Although you cannot interact with your friends/neighbors in real time, Farmville recently added co-op farming, where you can work as a team to harvest a certain amount of crops to win limited prizes.

One major difference between Farmville and Farmtown is that in Farmtown, you can interact and chat with your neighbors and even strangers in real time. Your avatar can hang out in the “Inn” to chat, and you can even hire people to harvest your crops and plow your fields. Unlike Farmville, your animals will wander around your farm and make noise (unless you tell them not to). In Farmtown you cannot harvest your individual animals, but you can buy “facilities” such as Chicken coops and Dairy factories, which effectively does the same thing. You can even get crazy with the facilities, for example the pizza place requires a windmill to make flour and a dairy facility to make the cheese.

Although the games are a little different, I’ve been addicted to both at different times. I’d say, give them both a shot, and see which suits you better. They are sure to evolve and grow in the future.