Compare Poker Site Player Programs


1. Poker Stars Poker Stars’ VIP Program is the most rewarding poker player program out today. Players are rewarded with FPPs (Frequent Player Points) and VPPs (VIP Points) which can be exchanged for anything from a basket of cookies to huge amounts of cash. Players start as Bronze Stars on PokerStars, then become Silver, Gold, Platinum, Supernova and Supernova Elite. 5.0

2. Absolute Poker Absolute Poker on situs judi bola rewards players with points. The program on Absolute is special because of the gifts given to players for their points. If you play a lot on Absolute Poker you will be eligible for electronics, free tournament entries (which can be worth thousands) and even cash. Players who play a lot of hands every month on Absolute can earn $1000 in cash for their points in addition to electronics, VIP Support, and concierge service at live events. 4.9

3. Ultimate Bet Ultimate Bet uses a unique player points system (Ultimate Points) that pays at a higher rate for higher volume player. If you play a lot you will be rewarded handsomely on Ultimate Bet. The player program pays points that can be exchanged for cash or used in the store, but Ultimate Bet also rewards its players with everything from VIP chat to tournament entries to live events. 4.8

4. Doyles Room Doyles Room reward their players with Gold Cards. The beauty in the player program at Doyles Room lays in their unique promotions, however. In addition to trading in Gold Cards for anything from tournament entries to cash, player also have opportunities to go on trips to meet with Doyle Brunson himself. 4.7

5. Power Poker Power Poker pays Gold Cards to their players. This rewards program allows players to build up their Gold Card collection (you can earn a Gold Card for every card in a standard deck) and then trade each individual card in for different prizes each day. Big Gold Cards (like kings and aces) can be exchanged for over $1000 in cash. 4.6

6. Carbon Poker Carbon Poker allows players to become a part of what is called their VIP Program. The VIP Program on Carbon allows players to earn more and more rewards if they play a lot of hands. One unique feature of Carbon Poker’s player program is the rewards it offers. Players can exchange their points to remove any types of withdrawal fees on Carbon or even trade them in for cash. 4.5

7. Reefer Poker Reefer Poker’s player program is very unique, just like the rest of their site. Players on Reefer Poker start off as Ruby Players and can work their way all the way up to the Diamond level. The Diamond players on Reefer Poker are privileged to the biggest rewards on the site which include major tournament entries, cash, or items in the store. 4.5

8. Party Poker (Non US) Party Poker was one of the first poker sites to offer a player program. Players on Party Poker are classified according to their Key Level. The lowest level of Key Players on Party Poker are considered Bronze players while the top players on Party are Palladium Elite players. The higher your Key Level on Party Poker the more rewards you will be entitled to. All it takes to have a great Key Level on Party Poker is consistent play, the more you play the higher your Key Level. 4.4

9. PKR (Non US) PKR players are part of “Club Poker” when they join PKR and play for real money. This program offers rewards that are exclusive to PKR’s player program. Players on PKR can trade their points in for anything from magazine subscriptions to VIP access for live poker events. 4.3

10. Aced Aced player program is called Swagger. One of the more modern player programs, Aced has a ridiculous amount of rewards available to their players. VIP assistance, cash for points, live tournament entries, special bonuses, and concierge services are just the beginning of the rewards at Aced. 4.2

11. Cake Poker Cake Poker is the original Gold Card site. Players on Cake Poker are given Gold Cards at random which can then be added to their collection. Once players earn these cards they will be able to exchange them for a different prize every day. These prizes range from tournament entries to cash rewards. Gold chips are also paid to players on Cake Poker and these can be used at the Cake Poker store. 4.1

12. Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker has a very extensive store that players gain access to as soon as they sign up and begin playing for real money. Players on Full Tilt earn FTPs which stand for Full Tilt Points which they can then trade in at the Full Tilt Poker store. In addition to the FTPs is the Iron Man challenge on Full Tilt. Players who play a high volume of real money hands on Full Tilt will earn a badge in recognition of their play next to their username. Iron Man players are also given cash bonuses as a reward for their play. 4.0

13. Players Only Players Only player program pays out Gold Cards. Players on Players Only have the opportunity to build up their Gold Card collection by playing a lot of hands or moderate stakes. The more you play and the higher limits you play, the better chance that you will have to land a high value Gold Card such as an ace. Big cards can be traded in for huge amounts of cash. 3.9

14. Titan Poker (Non US) Titan Poker allows players to become a part of Club Titan. Players will become a part of Club Titan after they sign up, deposit, and begin playing for real money. If you play enough on Titan Poker you will be able to trade in your points for up to $120,000 in cash. Yes, you saw that right, $120,000. Even if you don’t play a ton you will be able to earn cash for your points, starting at $10. 3.8

15. Sun Poker (Non US) Sun Poker players are part of what is called the VIP Poker Club. This VIP Poker Club is available to all players who sign up, deposit, and play for real money on Sun Poker. Some of the rewards in Sun Poker’s reward program include tournament entries and cash. 3.7

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