Casino Combat Launch And Promo By Inter-casino

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InterCasino has taken some of the most popular online games available in the casino and placed them head to head in a battlein the most recent online promotion known as Casino Combat.In order to get a bonus, the playersneed to back a game for a week before battling it out together with fellow InterCasino players.In order to take part in the promotion, these players need to enter a code and then they will be allowed to wager. The game that wins the battle is whichever one that gets the highest amount in form of wagers from qualified players in the period when the promotion will be active. Each player who is on the team with the highest total and has met all the wagering requirements gets an attractive bonus to keep them playing. During this promotional period, All InterCasino Players have to wager more than $40 on the specific game that they have chosen in order to participate. Regular members each get $15 as bonus while VIP members get bonuses of $45.

The schedule has been set such that the players choose between two online slot games for every week in the promotional period. Between the 1st and the 7th of March, the two games are Thor and Hulk Ultimate Advantage. In the following week between 8th and 14th March, the games that are competing are video slots titled Armadillo Artieand Dam Rich. Between the 15th and the 21st of March, it will be the turn of The Flash and Superman to compete and finally the competition will conclude with the live dealer versions of Blackjack and Roulette in the last week.

The Casino Combat Promotion from InterCasinohas got two more add-ons. The first one is known as the Extra Bonus Feature that according to InterCasino rewards players on their quest for victory in the slot games that have been chosen for the weekly battles. Choosing sa gaming will help you a lot in this. the reviews regarding sa game 88 are very positive. All the customers who have made use of it are pretty satisfied with their services. There are other websites as well for the online casino games. You can choose according to your demand fulfillment. Provided they have entered the bonus code and achieved the minimum wagering requirement, they’ll automatically receive the bonus. The best part about this reward is the fact that it can be received up to 15 times provided the player has met the wagering requirement.

Another add-on that forms part of the Casino combat Promotion at InterCasino is the Final Battle Bonus. This bonus will be awarded on the 29th of March and it depends on the number of battles that the player has participated in and won. The players that have won only one battle are entitled to 50% bonus that mustn’t exceed $50. Those who have participated and won in two battles get 50% bonus that doesn’t exceed $100. The ones who have taken part and won in three get 50% bonus but with a limit of $150 and those who have won in all battles will receive 50% but with a limit of $200. There are better rewards for players in the VIP suite.