Best Day Trips to Explore Las Vegas


There are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas besides playing at the casinos and watching live entertainment. Explore different places by taking day trips outside of Vegas strips, you’ll be amazed of what you’ll discover as you enjoy nature at its best.

The three common reasons why people visit Las Vegas are gambling, watching live entertainment, and getting hitched. Most people think of Vegas, also known as the “Sin City” as just a mecca for casinos and strip clubs, what many people do not know is that Las Vegas has more to offer to cater to families and nature lovers alike.

If you are in Las Vegas, I suggest you take advantage of some of the most interesting and adventurous day trips you can avail of making your stay there worthwhile. With online Pkv Games, there will be no requirement to go offline casino. The suggestions of the players should be great to crack the best deal The amount of real cash will be increased at the bank account along with bonuses. 

5 Best Day Trips While in Las Vegas:

Mt. Charleston

About 40 miles away fro Las Vegas is a place called Mt. Charleston. It offers a great escape from high temperatures experienced in Las Vegas, especially during summer where the average temperature in Las Vegas can rise over 100F. Due to Mt. Charleston high altitude, approximately 12,000 feet above sea level, one can enjoy a cooler temperature averaging 80F during summer.

One can go for a day and enjoy the nice view at the resorts, and enjoy fine dining at the Mt. Charleston Lodge which offers a variety of choices from salads to burgers to elk chops and ostrich filets. A lot of people come to Mt. Charleston in the winter to ski and snow-board since it gets a lot of snow.

One can enjoy camping and picnic at different camping and picnic sites. Another enjoyable activity to do while in Mt. Charleston during summer is hiking the 52 miles of marked trails which is handicap accessible.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The desert scenery of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, featuring 2,000-foot tall rock formations of different hues ranging from red to orange and yellow to black. Located only 17 miles west of Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon is a must see when you visit Las Vegas to enjoy nature at its best within close proximity to The Strip.

You can hike, bike, horseback ride, and rock climb while you are at the Red Rock Canyon. Best time to go to this place is during the fall and winter so that it is not too hot.

Enjoy the view of the Calico Basin and Las Vegas atop Calico Hills, which is a great place to rock climb. Also, enjoy taking a hike to enjoy the 30-foot waterfall in Spring Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon is open until 5pm during the summer and 8pm during the winter which is strictly enforced by park rangers. There is a $5 entrance fee.

The Lake Mead National Recreational Are/Hoover Dam

Located just southeast of Las Vegas is the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. The main attractions are the Mead and Mohave Lakes as well as the Hoover Dam. The waters in the lakes are warm for swimmers to enjoy. They also allow water skiing and wake boarding at these lakes. There are camping areas that people can use if they want to stay longer than a day.

The Hoover Dam showcases 227 feet tall of impressive dam attracting people to visit and see the waters coming from Colorado.

Grand Canyon National Park

The most popular day trip available by far would be the Grand Canyon National Park. Approximately 221 miles from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is actually part of Arizona, but one can avail of this tour as arranged by tour operators in Las Vegas. The prices vary from the low $100 to the high $500 per person depending on the mode of transportation whether by land, by water or by air. The tour departs very early in the morning, lasting all day.

You will see why this place is a must see when you have the time and money to spare while in Las Vegas. This place offers a vast expanse of land and breathtaking views of the canyons. You would not dare leave until you witness the beautiful sunset as the skies and the mountains change their hues.

You can hike, horseback ride and river raft down the Colorado River while visiting the Grand Canyon. For more information ask your travel agency, hotel concierge or call (928)638-7888 for visitor information.

Death Valley National Park As eerie as the name may sound, Death Valley National Park is one of the most sought after day trips for people visiting Las Vegas who want to enjoy sightseeing. The average temperature during summer is well above 100F averaging 2 inches of rain during dry season.

The most comfortable time of the year to visit is from fall to spring (November to April). Since sightseeing is the main activity, you can get guided tours provided by park rangers while on an ATV, mountain bikes and cars. You will see an abundant of plants that survive in the desert. If you love to star gaze, you can stay a bit later until it is dark. For more information call (760)786-3200.