Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged


Since the dawn of online poker, players have conjured conspiracy theories about poker sites being rigged, unfair, and biased. Is there any truth to these allegations? Are online poker sites fair, or are they rigged? That’s what we’ve been investigating – and all of our research has been condensed into this easy-to-read article. The team at Casino online Indonesia advocates of ‘fair poker’, Texas Hold’em is a beautiful game – and we want to keep in that way! So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about how fair online poker sites really are.

Why Do People Think Poker Sites Are Rigged?

So, why do people think that online poker sites are rigged? There’s not one ‘definitive reason’, so let’s have a look at some of the main factors!

  • Rumours Spread Like Wildfire

The biggest reason why people think online poker is rigged is the rumors that have been circulating the web for years. When you’re in a poker room and someone says that poker sites are rigged in the chatbox – it plants a seed in your mind. Although the person saying it probably has no evidence at all, the fact that they believe poker sites aren’t fair makes you doubt them too. It’s the same with all conspiracy theories. You’ve probably heard of the lunar landing, 9/11, and Princess Diana conspiracy theories – and you’ve probably found out about them by listening to a rumor.

  • Too Many Bad Beats & Good Hands

How many times have you seen pocket Aces get crushed by a trash hand in an online poker room? Probably quite a lot. The reason you see so many more bad beats and good hands when playing internet poker is the number of hands per hour you play. In live poker, you’ll normally average around 30 hands per hour, but online poker gets about 60-80 hands per hour. It’s obvious that if you play a lot more hands, you’ll see a lot more bad beats / good hands.

  • The Cashout Curse

Some players believe that once you withdraw money from your poker account, you’ll start a losing streak. It’s another conspiracy theory – and in reality, it normally happens to players that have had a ‘lucky streak’ (which is why they’re cashing out). A good streak never lasts forever, but when they start losing they think they’ve got the cash curse!

Poker Site Fairness: The Truth

Poker sites use RNG (Random Number Generation) to ‘electronically shuffle’ the cards that you get dealt with. The software that creates this RNG isn’t actually random, it just provides a sequence of cards that’s unpredictable. The fact that it’s unpredictable means it’s a ‘level playing field’ for all players, so it’s actually still very fair. Don’t listen to the people calling online poker rigged – they’re normally talking on half-facts, rumors, or nonsense. Poker sites are monitored by independent watchdogs, who make sure everything is ‘above-board’. If a poker site was rigged, it would soon be shut down.