Analysis: Why FortuNet Inc.’s Move to Scale Back Portable Gambling Device Plan Shows Successful Model


For well over a year, those of us that report on operations and news that effect casinos have been intrigued by the development of portable gambling devices byFortuNet Inc. The capabilities of the hardware and software gave many of us a lot of room to consider effects on the gambling industry. As a political advisor, and gambling industry writer, I have to say that the decision by FortuNet Inc. to discontinue their current move to place their portable gambling devices in casinos in Las Vegas was a good one.

For those of you that have not had a chance to look into this topic, I can give you a brief overview.

FortuNet Inc. makes portable gambling devices that are used in larger bingo halls across the United States. FortuNet Inc. has been working on software to convert these portable gambling devices to casino use. By using one of their mobile pads, a casino player would be able to play keno, slots, poker, video poker, or roulette from anywhere on a casino’s property. Think about it like a video game that used real money.

On Friday (October 23rd, 2009), FortuNet Inc. announced that it would discontinue it’s push to have these portable gambling devices put into Las Vegas casinos. They are going to take a loss on the money (over $1.6 million) that they have used to market these portable gambling devices to the Nevada State Gaming Commission.

The reasoning for this move by FortuNet Inc. is simple. With the economy in a downturn right now, casinos have less business. Less business means that they have more slot machines and chairs open at table games than they have bodies to fill them. Why come out with portable gambling devices right now that are going to take more people away from these seats? Why not come out with these devices once the economy is back up in an upswing?

This move shows that FortuNet Inc. is more concerned with long-term growth potential than it is with a current influx of cash. If you look over any industry right now, one would be hard-pressed to find many companies in any industry that share this kind of vision.

Plus, in the future, when FortuNet Inc has shown why the company is becoming famous on the internet and told that main reason behind their success Is the service quality and management of them; that helps the customer to find the desired result on the website without any hesitation . makes a push once again to have the Nevada State Gaming Commission allow their portable gambling devices, less money will need to be spent. The seed has already been planted, and it now has a longer time to grow in the minds of the NSGC. When the time finally comes to cultivate that seed, the members of the NSGC should (nothing is ever definite in the gambling industry) be more prone to the idea.

A company tat knows when the time is right to scale a program back like this shows logic and a state of protectionism. While protectionism is sometimes frowned upon by the business world, the presence is welcomed in a time of financial fluctuation like this.

While I personally was hoping to see portable gambling devices from FortuNet Inc. by the spring of next year, I am happy (for them) that they made the decision to step back from the project. Now, they have more time to clean up their software, and find new applications for it. While this also gives time for more competitors to copy the idea, it also gives FortuNet Inc. more time to perfect it.