Alternatives To Las Vegas

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If your only idea of a gambling getaway is going to Las Vegas, then your knowledge is limited. Today there are other places in the world that built their own gambling kingdoms.

One of these places is Curacao. If you are more into the Caribbean Scene, then Curacao is definitely for you. There are many spectacular gambling houses in Curacao that you can visit. Two of them are the Sheraton Curacao Casino and the Curacao Plaza Casino. If you want a casino that has a theme, then go to Emerald Casino. Themed gambling houses are the “in” thing in the world of gambling at present.

If you like to have more of that Caribbean feel, then you may want to check out Aruba. After all, on e of the biggest gambling houses of the Caribbean is in Aruba, which is the Royal Cabana Casino. There are other activities you can try in Aruba aside from gambling, like snorkeling, swimming in the beach or basking in the sun. Gambling houses  and casino sites like situs judi bola terpercaya are aiming to bring other activities to the clients.

Speaking of beaches, you may want to take a look at the gambling houses in Nassau. The gambling houses in Nassau are strategically positioned near the water to get the most of the dramatic scenery. One of the gambling houses there is called Cable Beach, which is an appropriate name for a gambling house on a beach. You can also try out the Crystal Palace Casino, or if you want to have a taste of some exotic foods, then go to restaurants surrounding these gambling houses. There are also other things to do here aside from gambling. You could scuba dive or parasail while you are there.

When you think of Exotic, Puerto Rico cannot be far from your mind. And this is also what you could expect from its gambling houses, uniqueness. There are casino hotels, restaurants and resorts all over the place so expect a lot of gambling action. It is also believed that Puerto Rico has some of the classiest gambling houses in the whole world, and they have the Ritz-Carlton Casino to prove that. The look of the gambling scene there are very reminiscent of the Spanish times. Also, who could think of Puerto Rico without the salsa?

Different gambling vacation spots give different kinds of gambling experience. I suggest you try as many of them as you can. Start thinking out of the box, start leaving Las Vegas.